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ListHyve is the first OFF-MARKET Real Estate Sharing Platform. It streamlines and enhances the Off-Market Real Estate sharing experience by following the same principles that make buying, selling and brokering Real Estate in the Off-Market unique.

ListHyve users

Who is a good candidate for our BETA TEST?


Real Estate Owners looking to test the market by sharing real estate opportunities they own


Real Estate Buyers and Sellers actively looking to transact in the Off-Market space


Service Providers like Brokers, Lenders, PM’s and Others looking to expand their Off-Market Network

ListHyve users

We offer a full array of features to make sharing, selling, buying and growing your network in the Off-Market easier than ever

Create private, shareable, searchable Off-Market Offerings

Create off-market real estate opportunities that can be shared with a high degree of privacy and control for all types of Residential Investment Real Estate including Land, Finished Lots, Residential Income, Build-For-Rent Projects and Multifamily properties.

Upload your Real Estate in an instant

Upload your existing Off-Market Offering and share through the ListHyve experience.

Grow your network with Smart Relationships

Once you are active on the site, ListHyve will connect you with other users based on the offerings that you create and buying activity that you exhibit, increasing your network and the amount of opportunities you come in contact with.

Build trusted connections

When you connect with other List Hyve users their Off-Market Opportunities will be shared with you, and your Off-Market Opportunities will be shared with them based on the privacy settings each user chooses. Just like in real life…in order to get access to Off Market Opportunities, you have to know people, and they have to know (and trust) you.

Share Your Buy Criteria With Your Network

When you program your buy criteria into ListHyve, we will connect you with Off-Market opportunities and you can share your buy box with your trusted connections.

Create and share content that sets you apart

Aside from sharing real estate, create content that brings attention to you as an Off-Market player. This content will be shared with your connections in order to enhance your credibility and visibility in the Off-Market.

What types of real estate can you share on ListHyve?

Currently, ListHyve is focused on Residential Investment Real Estate including:

What Geography is ListHyve focusing on in the BETA TEST?

We will expand our service to other markets when we launch, but for the Beta Test, this is where we are focusing.

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